Shivanasamudra: Visiting the mighty waterfalls

Overview: We did this trip long back and I thought I would pen down my experiences with my trip to Shivanasamudra falls.  We started early in the morning and set off for Shivanasamudra. The place is located between Kanakapura road and Mysore road. It can be approached via Malavalli. The route to shivanasamudra is very scenic and passes through rural Karnataka. We reached Shivanasamudra falls at around 10:30am. Shivanasamudra falls is formed by the river Cauvery and forms two waterfalls called Gaganachukki and Barachukki. First we visited the Gaganachukki falls which had good amount of water pouring down from great height forming a spectacle. We visited this place post monsoons so there was good amount of water. We sat along the pavement in front of the falls and there was fencing all around to prevent more adventurous people venturing out close to the falls.

After this we went to Barachukki falls which can be reached by climbing down a series of steps leading to the base of the waterfalls. Barachukki falls also made thundering noise as there was good amount of water. The clean water and the clear greenish blie colour of the water added to the beauty of the place. This place was infested with monkeys so we could not eat anything in the open. We had to pack everything and eat the stuff inside our car because of the monkey menace.
How to reach: Car/Bike: Take NH209 towards Kanakapura, from there continue on NH209 to Sathanur, on reaching Malavalli, continue on NH209 and turn left onto Panditahalli village and ask for directions to Shivanasamudra falls.
Food/Accommodation: Its advisable to carry home food as there are limited options on the way.
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  1. Love these falls. Brilliant captures.

  2. hi..thanks for the post.Are you planning any holiday trip with family.i will suggest you the places br hills resort and also near by place k gudi resort..its a nice place to enjoy with visit..


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