Museums of Bangalore: Indian Musical Experience

Watch the video here: Overview: I thought Bangalore just had 2-3 museums which are well known until a few years ago, but a little research opened up my thoughts as I discovered several museums within the city. I have decided to visit all the museums in the city and document those.  The first one on the list is the Indian Musical Experience in JP Nagar 7th phase. This beautiful museum is dedicated to the evolution and science behind different forms of music from traditional to contemporary.  As we enter the museum, in the inner courtyard, we can see a sound garden, where we can learn about the sounds created from natural things like wood, stones, and metals. We can try our hand in generating music as well. This area is well enjoyed by both adults and children. We then get inside the museum and the experience starts from the 3rd floor, where we are shown a small animated movie with different types of sound created by nature. From there we enter an interacti

Bankapura: Chalukyan marvel in the peacock district


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Overview: After lunch at Hangal, we proceeded towards Bankapura towards NH4. Bankapura is a very old town. It is popular for the 11th century Nagareshwara temple. The Chalukya temple was excavated by archaeologists and hence it is below the ground level. The Gopuram of the temple are no longer visible now. This temple again is another example of the Chalukyan art and architecture. The floor plan is similar to other temples built by the Chalukyas. The pillars are carved exquisitely with animals and birds. The ceiling is well carved with lotus design. The temple is popular for its 66 pillars. This temple, though not much damage has been done, has failed to attract tourists. The authorities need to seriously look into this. The temple can be reached through a Peacock reserve which is another attraction in this town. We were fortunate enough to spot a couple of peacocks on the way back. Bankapura fort is another attraction which was built and ruled by the Kadambas of Banavasi.

How to reach:  Bus: From Bangalore, there are direct buses to Hubli which pass via Bankapura.
Car/Bike: From Davangere, head on NH4 directly to reach Bankapura on the way towards Hubli.
Food/Accommodation: There are very less options for food at Bankapura. The nearest place for some decent food/accommodation is Hubli.


  1. Beautiful photos esp temple

    nice narration

    thanks for sharing

  2. Marvelous!!!!!

  3. Nice temple and beautiful shots.

  4. So well captured. I was here couple of months back, Wish I had captured as well

  5. Nice photos. It is a vast temple. Well maintained by ASI. Serene place.

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  8. hi..thanks for sharing..this week end i am planning a trip to br hills resort and also near by place k gudi resort...


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