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Soraba: Traces of the ancient Surabhipura

Soraba: Traces of the ancient Surabhipura 

Overview: Soraba in Shimoga district, named after the Holy cow Surabhi which used to milk on a stone statue of Lord Ranganatha. This place was called Surabhipura in ancient times which got changed to Soraba over centuries. We visited the Ranganathaswamy temple in Soraba which has become popular because of the legend. The temple is believed to be built by a local Gowda from Halesoraba from the bay of the river Dandavathi. Several manuscripts and inscriptions have been found near the temple supporting this.
Ranganatha temple, SorabaRanganatha temple, SorabaRanganatha temple, SorabaRanganatha temple, Soraba Ranganatha temple, Soraba   
This place is easily approachable as it is near to many tourist destinations like Banavasi, Sirsi, Chandragutti.
We visited Soraba during our visit to Banavasi. The main road connecting Soraba to other towns is the main shopping area of Soraba with all facilities.
Soraba MarketSorabaSoraba-Banavasi road

How to reach: Bus: KSRTC buses ply from Bangalore to Soraba and Sirsi.
By Bike/Car: Take the NH4 to reach Ranebennur, from there, take a deviation towards Soraba.
Food/Accommodation: Vanavasika tourist home in Banavasi is the nearest place to find good accommodation around Soraba.

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  1. Very informative post coupled with delightful snaps.Good work.

  2. I didn't even know about this place. Lovely photos and descriptions. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Interesting place.

  4. nice place to go...very informative post with some beautiful shots...

  5. Nice place to visit

    Beautiful photos

    thanks for sharing

  6. A temple is built on the same place where the holy cow used to milk and it is now Sorab's famous Sri Ranganatha temple.....

    Nice and interesting place to visit ....

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  7. I have visited that temple in 2005, when I went to Bangalore to attend my friend's marriage. The temple is beautiful. Images carved on pillars and walls enhances its beauty. History narrate of the fact that temple was constructed by a local Landlord from Halesoraba on the bay of river Dandavathi.

  8. temple architecture is so beautiful it is perfect combination off crafts nice blog thanks for sharing