Monday, 23 May 2011

Kokkrebellur: Into the Pelican zone

Kokkrebellur: A date with Pelicans

Overview: There was a time when we could hear sparrows chirping in our gardens. But as our Bangalore gradually turned from green to concrete jungle, our birds also decided to leave this place for good.
Talking of birds, we have a lot of birds migrating from overseas in our backyard. On a lovely Sunday we decided to pay a visit to these guests which had made Kokkrebellur their winter home.
On the Bangalore-Mysore highway, there is a Karnataka tourism board showing directions for Kokkrebellur just after crossing Channapattana. Its around 12 kms from the Bangalore-Mysore state highway. The village roads leading to Kokkrebellur are very beautiful and scenic and if lucky we can spot a lot of endangered species of birds enroute to Kokkrebellur. Once we reach the Kokkrebellur circle, turn left and ask the locals about the migratory Pelicans. It is not a place where one can expect hills and river/lakes and spot the birds. The birds have actually chosen the branches of few trees near some huts. Its nice to see the Pelicans moving around playfully.
The locals have a decent knowledge about the species of Pelicans and can actually make out the difference between different species.
A few yards from this place we came across a bridge from where a small pond could be seen.. The evening sun on the paddy fields made it look like fields of gold.
We decided to return back after spending some time in the little village. The average trip from Bangalore to Kokkrebellur should take around 4 hours.
How to reach: By own vehicle- SH17 towards Mysore, after crossing Channapattana, look out for the Karnataka Tourism board showing directions to Kokkrebellur. Turn left and travel for 13 kms to reach Kokkrebellur.
By public transport: Any bus towards Mysore, get down at Channapatna and hire a local taxi. Transportation also available from Maddur.
Rail: Most trains from Bangalore to Mysore halt at Maddur. From Maddur one can hire a taxi.
Food/Accomodation: Plenty of options available on Bangalore-Mysore highway. Popular chains like Kadambam, Kamat Lokaruchi, Maddur Tiffanys, Adigas, Cafe Coffee Day, Shivalli are present on the highway.
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