Monday, 26 May 2014

Thalli: Experience Little England

Thalli: Experience ‘Little England’

Visiting Thalli is one of the best ways to beat the weekday stress from work. Being very close to Bangalore, this can be done as a half day trip. I came across this interesting place whicle going through some website on tourism. And there arn't many blogs on this either. So we thought we should make is to Thalli. We left early morning after breakfast towards Hosur Road which was relatively free because of the weekend. We reached Hosur town pretty quickly and had to take a right turn towards Thalli. There are ample boards to guide one to Thalli from Hosur. The weather was cloudy and had cool environs and probably that is the reason that this place is called 'Little England'.
We reached Thalli in around 1.5 hrs with breaks and passed through Thalli lake which looked calm and pristine. Thalli is a rustic and laid back town just on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border so people speak both Kannada and Tamil here. Though there is nothing much to see in Thalli as such, there is a small hillock called Devarabetta just a few kilometers from Thalli. That hill looks great with a couple of temples at the base. The climb to the top is not very tough and there are well laid steps leading to the summit. At the top of the hill the entire region looks so green and colourful and the surrounding hill ranges can be seen. The farmlands below add to the glory of the place. The cool winds blow pretty strongly at the top which feels soothing. The irregular shapes of rocks are the targets of our photography. To sum it up, the hill is aptly named Devarabetta which translates to 'God's hill' in Kannada. We returned back with loads of memories and pictures. This place is very little known to people so the crowd is very less. An ideal place for a weekend getaway from Bangalore.
Thalli Lake Thalli Devarabetta, ThalliDevarabetta, Thalli Devarabetta, Thalli Devarabetta, Thalli Devarabetta, Thalli Devarabetta, Thalli Devarabetta, ThalliDevarabetta, Thalli Devarabetta, Thalli Devarabetta, Thalli Devarabetta, Thalli Devarabetta, Thalli
How to reach: Head on NH7 towards Hosur. At Hosur, before entering the town, watch out for a board for directions to Thalli. Turn right and drive for around 25 kms to Thalli.
Regular buses available from Bangalore to Hosur. From Hosur, private buses are available to reach Thalli.. 
Food/Accomodation: Not many options available for food. Its better to carry food and water from home.

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Montevideo, Uruguay: The South American Odyssey

Montevideo, Uruguay: The South American Odyssey

Overview: Montevideo is the largest and a very old city in Uruguay. Lined with modern and historic buildings, Montevideo provides a perfect atmosphere to stay and experience its charm along with the healthy lifestyle enjoyed by the locals here. As Uruguay has been traditionally a Spanish Colony, Spanish is spoken widely in Uruguay. Some of the prominent landmarks of Montevideo include Palacio Legislativo, World Trade Center Montevideo, Telecommunications Tower, Ciudad Vieja, Parque Batlle, Parque Prado, Parque Rodó, Forts, Fortaleza del Cerro, Punta Brava Lighthouse, Rambla of Montevideo and the Cemeteries. I take you to a picture tour of the wonderful city of Montevideo below.
Welcome board at Montevideo airportMontevideo airportMontevideo Montevideo Montevideo streetPt Nehru street at MontevideoMontevideoMontevideo  Montevideo
Palacio Salvo, a beautiful building built in the early 1900s, was designed by an Italian architect Mario Palanti. More info on
Palacio Salvo
Solis Theatre (Teatro Solis) , built in 1856 is Uruguay's oldest theatre and is currently owned by the government of Montevideo
Solis Theatre
Below is the oldest plaza in Montevideo.
Plaza Constitución (Constitution Square)
Punta Carretas Lighthouse, erected in 1876, is the an important landmark of Montevideo. Its 21 meters high and its light reaches 15 miles away, flashing every 10 seconds.
Punta Carretas Lighthouse
Nice surprises in these parts of the world..
Gandhi Statue @ Montevideo
Montevideo  Montevideo Montevideo  Montevideo street Montevideo   Montevideo

How to reach: Uruguay has direct flight connectivity with many South American countries, for people from outside South America, one can enter Uruguay via Brazil.
Food/Accommodation: Montevideo has some very good hotels suiting all budgets. Food is a bit difficult for vegetarians but has a lot of international restaurants